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We established Wood Floor Products, Inc. nearly 20 years ago when we developed a unique wood grain filling compound. The product was utilized exclusively by our contracting crew a few other friends in the wood finishing business. When other wood flooring contracting companies asked to buy these products from us we established a local distributing business offering other products for sale along with our fillers. Over the next several years, we developed a number of other filling products and researched the field of finishes searching for better waterborne products than were on the market. A need for really good waterborne flooring finishing products was evident. Most of the products available were either not very durable or were just as toxic (sometimes even more so) than other solvent or oil-based products already on the market. 

Europe seemed many years ahead of the US or Canada with the research and development of these products so our investigation was centered there. After a number of years researching and investigating we found several manufacturers that had a few products on the market for other industries and also seemed open to the idea of creating new products or modifying some of their existing products to fit our needs. We created names and labels for these new products and Wood Floor Products, Inc., was on it’s way.

Environmentally sound and contractor safe products has always been our byword. 

The Oak Floors of Greenbank, Inc., opened up shop on Whidbey Island in the early 1970s when the phrase was coined: “Will the last person leaving Seattle please turn out the lights.” Only a half dozen oak flooring mills survived after the purge of the 1960s, when the FHA began sanctioning wall-to-wall carpeting in lieu of hardwood.

New construction was slow and wood flooring projects nearly nonexistent. A woo flooring contractor might do a sports floor one week and a curved staircase the next. Seeking a larger population base, The Oak Floors of Greenbank moved to Seattle in 1977. There they began specializing in custom-designed borders and inlays of stone, tile, metal and wood. By the early to mid 1980s a majority of their projects involved patterns, medallions, borders or unique compositions of stone, tile and exotic wood inlays.

It was late in the 1970’s that Paul Roman, Publisher of Taunton Press called and asked Don Bollinger, owner of The Oak Floors of Greenbank, Inc., if he would write an article or two on inlaying wood for a new magazine he had begun publishing called “Fine Woodworking”. Eventually Bollinger finished numerous articles on wood flooring for Taunton Press’ newest magazine “Fine Homebuilding” on everything from installing strip flooring to wood flooring over radiant heat. Finally in the late 1980s Bollinger completed a book for Taunton entitled “Hardwood Floors”. This book along with it’s accompanying videos, “Laying Hardwood Floors” and “Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors” have become the industry training standard for the installation and finishing of hardwood floors.

Over the years Bollinger has helped write or edit many if not most of the training manuals within the wood flooring industry. In addition, he has been instrumental in helping to organize and develop most of the schools within the various wood flooring trade organizations for helping to educate beginners and expert craftspeople alike. 


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