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Mustang Country Oak

Antique Flooring

Mustang Country Oak is our own brand, Antique Reclaimed American Oak from the Corrals, Fences and Barns in Wild Mustang Country. Just like its name sake, Mustang Country Oak is a tough mixed breed of Red and White Antique American Oak working 
its magic one more time as a valuable American Resource reincarnated as solid oak flooring. 

Mustang Country Oak comes in planking ĺ inches thick by 4-1/2Ē wide and in random lengths from 18 inches to 8 feet with most planks averaging 6 feet or more. Each board has been skillfully planed, its sides and ends expertly tongued and grooved, creating all the requisites of a truly superlative hardwood
floor. Best of all, itís an inspiring reuse of a uniquely American resource thatís serving
with strength and pride all over again and can be exclusively yours in your new home or remodeling project.

Pricing and availability will vary depending on quantities needed and lead times. An approximate range of $7 to $10 per square foot should be anticipated.


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photos by Roger Turk


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