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Old Mission Plank


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What is Old Mission Plank Flooring? It’s something very very special & unique in wood flooring.

You’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will. Yet, Old Mission and products like it are what our best clients have come to expect from us over the years.

We wrote the book on wood flooring LITERALLY and the wonderful folks in the wood flooring business depend on us to lead the way in research & technical development and product innovations in our trade.

Although available in Red Oak, strictly speaking Old Mission Plank Flooring is cut from certifiably grown and maintained white oak forests in the Northeastern United States. It’s a solid ¾-inch-thick product tongued & grooved down each board length (side matched) and comes in widths from 3 inches to 8 inches or the beautiful and popular “forest friendly” mix of all the widths in one floor.

Old Mission is more than just a distinctive plank flooring style. It represents years of research locating and a lumber company willing and capable of producing a product to meet our rigid specifications.
A wonderfully exciting yet strikingly subtle feature of Old Mission planking is the hint of its ancestral roots seen in the finished product. The ancient forests in the area where our Old Mission lumber is grown counts as its heritage the long ago devastated American Chestnut groves of the 18th Century and before. The beetle infestation that destroyed virtually all American Chestnut forests soon after the turn of the 20th Century left behind mostly undisturbed the roots of these ancient forests. The Old Mission White Oak Planking seems to reflect a hint of these old Chestnut roots in their exceptional bronzed Patina. Old Mission White Oak Planking appears extraordinary when compared to other white oak floors we seen or sold. Its deeply tanned texture seems to enhance stains and finishes particularly with aging.

VS Extra

Unlike most other wood flooring available these days where board lengths start at under a foot and rarely go beyond 7-1/2 to 8 feet, Old Mission Plank Flooring can be purchased in Extra Long Planks. Old Mission Plank Flooring in Long Lengths start at 6-foot board lengths and run up to 12 feet or even longer!

Imagine the character and distinctiveness available only from knots, holes, lots of wavy grain figure coupled with the beautifully stable and ageless classic look of Rift and Quarter Sawn flooring.

This is the perfect option for wood flooring over radiant in-floor heat. 

Old Mission Plank Flooring is so unique the demand for it has been staggering. Place your orders early to insure availability. Let one of our knowledgeable sales and technical representatives assist you by calling (800) 458-5880 or e-mail us direct for pricing and availability.


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