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We have the highest quality products available, installed with thorough and careful attention to detail.
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We have the highest quality products available, installed with thorough and careful attention to detail.
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We have the highest quality products available, installed with thorough and careful attention to detail.
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Historical Restoration
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We provide the highest quality products we can find in the marketplace and provide them to wood flooring installers and finishers at the lowest possible prices. We search the world for products that are reputed (by your fellow flooring peers) to do the best job, with the fewest callbacks, have the fewest toxic compounds and have the least negative impact on our environment. We are constantly looking for new products to offer you so we are constantly on guard to hear positive and negative reports on everything we sell and everything we don’t sell.

Give us your experiences and opinions based on real life experiences. Tell us the things that you have found with numerous trials working with products – not just with one or two instances. We want to be fair and as unbiased as possible. But believe me, WE ARE INTERESTED! E-mail your results to us. We are constantly collecting, analyzing, reviewing and improving our product mix to offer you and your fellow floor mechanics with the best products available anywhere.

If you know me personally, you know I am not quick to judge. At the same time, I want the best for everyone in our industry who is trying to do the best job possible. That includes, floor mechanics, distributors and manufacturers alike. After all, we’re all in this together.

If you don’t know me, my name is Don Bollinger. I’ve been working in and for the wood flooring industry for over 30 years. I’ve been teaching for over 25 years trying to help educate myself and everyone willing to learn. I’m not saying I know it all. I don’t know anyone that does – regardless of how long they’ve been in the business. I do know that we learn best by teaching and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been teaching all these years. I hope I never have to stop. I met so many wonderful people in the wood flooring industry that I’m convinced we have a disproportion number of really good folks in our chosen career field.

I have started schools for NOFMA, NWFA and recently the Wood Flooring Guild. I’ve written extensively on wood flooring including a book and two videos (now CDs) for Taunton Press (Fine Homebuilding & Fine Woodworking Magazines). The book is called “Hardwood Floors Installing, Sanding & Finishing” and the videos/cds are call “Installing Hardwood Floors” and “Sanding & Finishing Hardwood Floors” respectively. Even though the book was written nearly 20 years ago it is still quite useful. I hope to write a revised version soon with a lot of help from all of you my friends and business associates. I can’t – and won’t – do it alone. The book and videos are available from us or through NWFA, NOFMA, or on line from www.amazon.com, Borders Books, Walden Books or just about any public library.

We offer a contractor’s referral service to folks that are looking for a reputable wood flooring contractor in their area.  We don’t take any money for this service.  It’s done simply as a service to put good people with good people.  If you want to be on our list you must contact us by e-mail of give us your resume or your company’s resume.  I’ll look you up (if I don’t already know who you are) and speak to anyone that might know you in the business.  I will never tell someone NOT to do business with someone.  That’s not my place and I don’t want that kind of responsibility.  I will simply check out your references and if they check out, pass them on to a perspective client.  That’s all it is.  Nothing more and nothing less.  I know I have always appreciated a good reference.  This is your opportunity to get one yourself.  If you were one of my students or were in one of the many schools I taught, let me know that as well.  Please do not call.  My time is such that I can only take e-mails.  Thank you.

Don Bollinger

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